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We’re taking the year off!

We’re not taking any bookings for winter 2019-20.

Watch this space for our relaunch around September 2020 with new dates for 2021.

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About snowshoeing

Q. What is snowshoeing?
A. Hiking in the snow.

Q. What are snowshoes?
A. Bits of kit worn under your hiking boots and attached with straps.

Q. What are snowshoes for?
A. They stop you sinking in soft snow, and give you grip when it’s icy.

Q. How hard is snowshoeing?
A. The same as mountain hiking. It’s an outdoor activity involving some exertion. The key is to choose the right itinerary and pace. Out trips are graded to help you choose.

Q. Will I be able to do it?
A. There is very little technique to learn, but you need to be willing and able to fill your lungs and stretch your legs a bit. If you can hike, you can snowshoe!

Q. What sort of people snowshoe?
A. Same as mountain hiking – people who enjoy nature, the outdoors, exercise, fresh air, beautiful views and wild places.

Q. Do I need a leader?
A. It depends what you want to do. There are waymarked trails in the valley that should be safe and easy to follow unguided. Our guided tours aim to go to wilder places that require local knowledge and good judgement to stay safe.

Q. When can I snowshoe?
A. Generally the season starts end December, and ends early April.