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Snowshoeing Grades

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We’re not taking any bookings for winter 2019-20.

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Exhausted snowshoerTrips are given a guideline walking grade to indicate difficulty. These are broadly in line with the grading systems used by some large trekking companies. None of the trips require previous snowshoeing experience.

Grade B (Moderate)

Anyone with a reasonably active lifestyle should be comfortable at this grade. A day’s snow-shoeing will typically involve 4-6 hrs of walking at a comfortable pace with plenty of rests. Most of the walking is likely to be on established trails.

Grade C (Strenuous)

A good level of hillwalking fitness is required. Days will be longer (6-8 hrs), and the day may involve a slightly more ambitious objective, more ascent, and is likely to involve walking on untrodden snow. The rewards are a greater sense of remoteness, and hopefully even more exceptional and deserted views.

Grade D (Tough)

This is intended to be an unsupported hut-to-hut expedition through remote alpine terrain in winter. The exact itinerary is dependent on conditions and decided shortly before departure. The walking itself may be no harder than Grade C, but the expedition as a whole will involve a degree of commitment and hardship in the form of very basic winter mountain refuge accommodation, carrying food for the duration, and enduring a daily routine where ‘making the hut’ by dark is a must. Anyone considering this trip should contact me first to discuss.